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Amazon eBook Return Controversy

There’s a fuss smouldering away in some parts of the author community, especially the parts that primarily sell Kindle eBooks through Amazon. In a nutshell, Amazon has a lax eBook return policy and some readers are abusing it by reading … Continue reading

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So how do you judge a short story anyway?

Your Vote Counts I recently voted in the Nebula Awards, which are the annual gongs given out by SFWA, a professional science fiction and fantasy writer organization. I’ve never voted on short fiction awards before. For the first time, I … Continue reading

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A new trend for publishing retail?

Most days I spend time looking around the world of publishing when I should really be in that world and writing novels. Here’s something I found today that really caught my eye. Sometimes authors get together and talk about how … Continue reading

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Fake news and eBook publishing

For a bit of lunchtime fun, I tried journalism in response to today’s press release from the Publishers’ Association, which has been widely reported in the UK press, emphasizing the story that eBook sales are in a ‘slump’. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Railguns in science fiction

The problem with railguns in science fiction is that they are fast becoming science fact. So I thought I’d better get my facts right. I posted part 1 of my recoil and railguns series today. You can read it here.

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Windows 8.1 hung my Photoshop CS6, but here’s the solution

The Windows 8.1 update arrived at my work desktop today. I’ve just read that Microsoft have halted the rollout due to problems. Well, I had one straight away. I was doing some book cover typography in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Suddenly … Continue reading

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Lego for grown-ups at the National Space Centre

 Apparently adults can enjoy Lego too. Phew, that’s a relief! Evidence is in from my son’s birthday trip to the National Space Centre at Leicester, which featured a weekend special of demonstrations and exhibits from The Brickish Association.    The … Continue reading

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The natural world comes to Bromham

We’ve seen some weather extremes in our little village of Bromham over the past week. A week ago I took some photos of a tree in full autumnal bloom that stands just outside my house, and then took the family … Continue reading

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The British-isms are coming…

In response to an earlier BBC article on British idiom invading America, I was intrigued by this follow-up of Britishisms reported by American readers. Gobsmacked amused me. I remember that phrase appearing from out of nowhere and sweeping England at … Continue reading

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One Brick to Rule Them All

Not that we’re Lego nerds in my house (heaven forbid!) but a welcome delivery through my letterbox this morning was the latest Lego catalog. It’s filled with Christmas-themed Lego (*groan* — think we’ve got enough Lego advent calenders now) but … Continue reading

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