Part 4 – screenshots and diagrams

Please note: the figure numbers are given for the eBook version. There are fewer images in the print edition because it has a more predictable range of fonts (unless I embedded fonts in the eBook, which wouldn’t be viable). I can be sure of how the printer will render fonts, wh

Figure 6: A new part.

Figure 7: Chapter starting on facing page.

Figure 8: Page setup — margins.

Figure 9: Set page size to match trim size.

Figure 10: Page Setup — layout.

Figure 11: Body text example.

Figure 12: Headers & footers in Word 2007/10/13.

Figure 13: The header button in Word 2007/10/13.

Figure 14: Adding breaks in Word 2007/10/13.

Figure 15: Word 2003 breaks.

Figure 16: Page Setup dialog. (this is the same as Figure 10)

Figure 17: Use Find & Replace to quickly change break types.

Figure 18: Word 2007/10/13 Page Number Button.

Figure 19: Word 2007/10/13 page number at current position.

Figure 20: Format page numbers.

Figure 21: Adding the page fieldcode in Word 2003.

Figure 22: Styles and style sets in Word 2007/10.

Figure 23: Styles sets have been promoted to their own gallery in Word 2013.

Figure 24: Styles in Word 2007/ 10/ 13.

Figure 25: The Style Pane.

Figure 26: Creating a style from a selection in Word 2007/ 10.

Figure 27: Creating a style from a selection in Word 2013.

Figure 28: Creating a new style.

Figure 29: Using Find & Replace to count your italics.

Figure 30: The justified text is on the left.

Figure 31: The ‘justify’ button.

Figure 32: An example of paragraph indentation from ‘Drift’.

Figure 33: Paragraph spacing.

Figure 34: Paragraphs — worked example in Adobe Reader. (same as fig. 32)

Figure 35: Paragraphs — worked example in Word.

Figure 36: Paragraphs worked example — spacing for chapter headings.

Figure 37: Filtering Style Pane to ‘styles in use’. (same as fig. 34)

Figure 38: The Deja Vu font family.

Figure 39: Font choices: Fontin body text.

Figure 40: Font choices: Palatino Linotype body text.

Figure 41: Font choices: Garamond body text.

Figure 42: Gabriola font demonstrating swash and ornaments.

Figure 43: Setting line spacing (leading).

Figure 44: Style sets I have defined.

Figure 45: Customized style sets in Word 2013.


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