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Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at

Amazon eBook Return Controversy

There’s a fuss smouldering away in some parts of the author community, especially the parts that primarily sell Kindle eBooks through Amazon. In a nutshell, Amazon has a lax eBook return policy and some readers are abusing it by reading … Continue reading

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I host the SciFi Readers Club Chart Show

I’ve just started a sci fi chart show over at the FB group where I often hang out. Still figuring out how this is going to work and be fun for all without taking up too much of my time. … Continue reading

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Me and Multiple Sclerosis

I posted an update on social media last week; I’ve copied it below. Basically, I’m fairly sure I have multiple sclerosis, but I’ll have to wait until next year for a formal diagnosis. I’m posting things like this because if … Continue reading

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Karnage Zax. Mutant Bounty Hunter

I had a new book release yesterday, which you might like to try. This is an anthology called We Dare: Wanted, Dead or Alive. Inside is my new novelette, FRAkkers I love a themed anthology and this one is about … Continue reading

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Titans Rising: a personal journey from 1937 to 2022

My latest book, out today, has its genesis in books by other writers published 52 years apart (or perhaps 73, as we shall see). One is a personal improvement book written in 1937 that has sold 15 million copies and … Continue reading

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I write short stories too!

Yesterday was the launch of the first Hit World anthology, You Pay; We Slay. It contains the first story I’ve written for nearly twenty years that isn’t overtly science fiction or fantasy. By weird coincidence, I received paperback editions of … Continue reading

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AMAHA – Ask Me And Him Anything

We had fun at an AMA last weekend hosted by audiobook reviewer (and listener!) Brian Krespen. The other person in the hotseat was Steve Campbell who was narrating Department 9, the third Chimera Company novel. (I say ‘was’ because he’s … Continue reading

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He Speaks!

My beard and I had a chat with Joe on the Unity 151 channel a few days ago. We discussed Chimera Company, On Deadly Ground, Time Dogz, knee injuries, Human Legion, foreign involvement in the Russian Civil War, audiobook narration, … Continue reading

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SF Publishing in 2020: part 3 of 3

Fashionably Late OK, it’s mid-June. I think it’s time to wrap up my 2020 retrospective with this bumper-sized final installment! Let’s suppose over the next few years that some of the biggest publishers of fiction do make the switch from … Continue reading

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Achievement unlocked: 10 years as a full-time writer

Feb 15th, 2011 was when I went full time as a writer, pushed into it initially on account of being made redundant from the place I’d worked for 20 years. A decade later and I have five novels coming out … Continue reading

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