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Lego for grown-ups at the National Space Centre

 Apparently adults can enjoy Lego too. Phew, that’s a relief! Evidence is in from my son’s birthday trip to the National Space Centre at Leicester, which featured a weekend special of demonstrations and exhibits from The Brickish Association.    The … Continue reading

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One Brick to Rule Them All

Not that we’re Lego nerds in my house (heaven forbid!) but a welcome delivery through my letterbox this morning was the latest Lego catalog. It’s filled with Christmas-themed Lego (*groan* — think we’ve got enough Lego advent calenders now) but … Continue reading

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Paper airplanes, Blake’s 7, and update on The Reality War

When I was a boy at infant school, paper airplanes meant pages ripped from an exercise book and folded into a crude dart. Often we’d write some words on the paper before folding, hoping anyone we hit with the plane … Continue reading

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Why writers need Lego

We’re now coming to the end of my son’s two-week Easter break from school. We went on a train, saw the animals at the zoo, and played soccer. Most of all, though, we’ve made things with Lego. At my parents’ … Continue reading

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I’m interviewed by Robyn Porter

In which I talk about Last Man Through the Gate, my approach to writing, and the big scary ideas that lurk in the background, connecting much of my fiction. And Lego. You can see the interview here.

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On the Importance of Making Things

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about where my life’s headed. It’s given me a bit of a slaps-palm-on-forehead moment, which I’ve decided to share with you. Three things got me thinking: Our friends rented us a beautiful holiday cottage … Continue reading

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