I’ve written lots of books, and the bibliography here was so out of date that I deleted it. Sorry, I’ve been busy writing books 🙂

I’ve been writing and publishing full time since 2011. I had several novels, novellas and short stories published prior to December 2014, which is when I released the first Human Legion novel and my career turbo-charged (30,000 sales in 8 weeks — that was a mighty confidence booster!). Since then, I’ve written or co-written five Human Legion novels and four Legion short stories, three Revenge Squad novels, several novelettes and a bunch of stories for anthologies, including a very cool illustrated story I did with artist Andy Bigwood which you can read in the sumptuous full interior colour hardback edition of an anthology I edited called Empire at War.  Then there are the Sleeping Legion series of books I published by JR Handley, and before that there was Greyhart Press.

Like I said, I’ve been busy.

As of January 2018, I’m finishing off a novel for Seventh Seal Press, and am about to finish the final Human Legion novel

To get a feel for what I’ve been writing since 2014, go take a look at You can join the Legion there and download some free books.


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  1. Susan Ricci says:

    Left a message on your facebook page, couldn’t find an email address. Have a great eve, SUe

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