The Reality War



A new time travel, action-adventure series begins with The Reality War Book1: The Slough of Despond, out now

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Paperback  US  | UK   *book1 free on 31 Jan 2013. Check price before purchase.

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Book 2 now available for Kindle  | and out now  in paperback and ePUB eBook format. Click here for further details.

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Renegade Legion: a milestone


This is my big new release coming soon. The first two books (which came out last Christmas) have sold 40,000 so far. If this one does as well, I’m going to start feeling like a proper professional writer :-)

We shall see…

Originally posted on The Human Legion:

RenegadeLegion04I wrote the last scene today in Renegade Legion. Not the one that goes at the end (I wrote that last month) but the last one to be written. Now I’m running through some sections that need readjusting or reconnecting for consistency (Such as the dialogue from a character who died in a battle a hundred pages earlier. Oops! That’s just plain disrespectful). And another full read-through. Then I’ve got to lay it out. So still plenty of work before I’m ready to put it out on beta (though I’m hopeful that could be next week) but today is definitely a milestone.

Expect posts aplenty in the coming days on betas, trailers, sales, and maybe a short story from a character we’ve not seen much from up till now: Marine Laban Caccamo..

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A quick recap of the year

I’ve been quiet posting on the business and nerdy techie side of publishing these past few months because I’ve been busy writing. I’m concentrating on a military SF/ space opera series called the Human Legion. Books 1 & 2 are out and I’m working on book 3. Making good progress too.

The books have done pretty well. Both have topped international bestseller charts for their genre. For the publishers and self-publishers who follow these things, both books have benefited very much from being Kindle-exclusive. Which I understand is annoying for those people who read other eBook formats, and frustrating for me, but I can’t afford to ignore the financial benefits. Being exclusive has helped my sales ranking and that’s helped people to try out the book. This month, the sales of book2 are 82% of the sales of book1; so I guess I’m doing something right.

Amazon gave me a nice sticker on a couple of my books a few days ago to say I’m a Kindle All Star!! Which sounds a bit cheesy, but does mean I get to be on these nice pictures I’ve copied below, which is great. It also makes me feel a little humble to think of all those thousands of people who borrowed my books to get them there. (So far, since Christmas 2014,  I’ve had about 8,000 borrows and 22,000 purchases).

Happy Days!


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My Extended Death : Part 1


A serialized story I’m posting to

Originally posted on The Human Legion:

Welcome to the first exclusive story. My Extended Death is told from the perspective of an alien narrator. It’s set in a different world and a different time, but the lead character, Sentwali, is a Trog, the hive species we see in Marine Cadet (and perhaps with more parts yet to play in the Human Legion’s story).

In Marine Cadet, the Trog character Pedro is fascinated by Arun’s gender because, to a Trog, gender is an utterly alien concept. Arun, in turn, struggles with Pedro’s lack of gender and decides to refer to the alien as a male. But in this new story, we see things from the point of view of the aliens, and so the story is told using new, genderless pronouns. This isn’t a political statement, just the best way I found to tell the story from the alien’s perspective.

I’m going to serialize this story over…

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Don’t buy my book!


I’m in another book ):-) But it’s not a new story (:-(

Originally posted on The Human Legion:

TotalConflict_cover_1000px_200dpi_compressedAs I come across exciting new releases and special offers on space opera and military sci-fi books that I’m interested in, I’ll occasionally post the news here. It’s not going to be an everyday thing, and it’s not an affiliate advertising thing where I get commission; I just think that if you enjoyed the Human Legion books, you might also enjoy occasional updates on books by great authors such as Marko Kloos, Christopher Nutall, and Phillip Richards (to name just a few).

All that’s still true, but I’m going to first of all mention a book that was put on pre-release last night. It’s called Total Conflict and is an anthology of 18 short stories about conflict, nearly all of them being military science fiction.

It’s written mainly by British science fiction authors, and features some well-known writers such as Dan Abnett (2000AD scribe, Horus Heresy and over 20 Warhammer…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope 2015 brings success and satisfaction for everyone reading this.

In the closing hours of 2014, I also want to thank everyone’s support in making, reading, commenting on and, yes, buying the first of my Human Legion books. I’ve just checked the Amazon charts and still can’t quite believe the book is ends the year as the #1 bestselling space marine book in the US and #1 bestselling military science fiction book in Australia. I’m proud to have published a couple of bestselling books through Greyhart Press, but I never thought I would self-publish one of my own.

The second book, Indigo Squad, will be available to pre-order very soon. My son’s been helping out re-enacting some scenes with Lego.

Oh no! I've been ejected into space without my spacesuit. I'm a gonna!

Oh no! I’ve been ejected into space without my spacesuit. I’m a gonna! Hold on… what’s this wriggly black thing?

... it's a rescue tendril with warm oxygen. It's reeling me back into the rescue shuttle. Will it get me inside in time...?

… it’s a rescue tendril with warm oxygen. It’s reeling me back into the rescue shuttle. Will it get me inside in time…?

Here’s to 2015. It’s going to be an exciting place to be.

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Originally posted on The Human Legion:

I love the look of books designed to be in a series. Especially when they’re mine.



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Mobilization Alert!


I’ve been busy these last few months writing my new military sf/ space opera series. First book is available to pre-order now (for release Dec 26th) and second book will be published in January 2015.

Originally posted on The Human Legion:

Marine Cadet 11The Kindle version of Marine Cadet, the first Human Legion book, is available for pre-order from Amazon now: priced 99 cents in the US and something similar in other regions.

This is the double-length feature that kicks off all six books in the series. (It’s 140,000 words, which is pretty big. I had thought of splitting it in two but that would be an artificial division for the purpose of selling more books).

IndigoSquad03The second book, Indigo Squad, is going through final editing now for release January 2015.

RenegadeLegion04Writing has started on the third book: Renegade Legion.

And since I seem to be discussing the series, the other three books are all sketched out in detail. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I’m looking forward to writing them.

If you want to beta read, discuss some points of science or military background, or just…

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YA Paranormal Adventure available for pre-order now


An ancient evil is surfacing. It’s in Jake’s school, in his house… in his blood. Published by our YA sister imprint, The Repository of Imagination.

Originally posted on The Repository of Imagination:

~ They’re in the shadows. They’re everywhere! ~

Jake thinks he’s just an ordinary schoolboy. Scraping a pass on his tests while doing the least amount of work, attracting admiring glances from girls, hanging with mates, and scoring goals for the soccer team: just ordinary things.

But Jake is far from normal. And his family? His sister is missing, his father changed, and his brother dead… or so Jake thinks; the truth is far more shocking.

When his school friends start to disappear, and with petite Vicky Harris the only person he can trust as his world collapses around him, it’s time for Jake to learn the truth.

The Therions are out there.

And they’re almost ready to reap their human harvest.

‘The Therions’ will grip fans of YA paranormal adventures. 


The Kindle edition of The Therions is available to pre-order now for delivery on Monday at a special launch…

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Amazon Opens Dutch Kindle Store, B&N Moves Into Author Services

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

Amazon launched a Kindle Store in the Netherlands this morning, as anticipated by The Digital Reader yesterday.

Kindle devices are now on sale for prices ranging between €59 for the basic model, up to €189 for the Voyage, and the store has opened with over 3m titles. However, only 20,911 of these titles are in Dutch and only 1,221 of these e-books are by Dutch authors.

That may change now that KDP has launched a local portal for Dutch writers and small presses. The opening of the Dutch Kindle Store also means the abolition of the regressive and unpopular Whispernet Surcharge in the Netherlands which added $2 onto the price of many e-books.

For those already publishing via KDP, your book is on sale in the Dutch Kindle Store without any further action needed at your end. You will earn 70% on sales between €2.60 (~$3.24) and €9.70 (~$12.08) –…

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Railgun recoil: why Newton won’t be denied.

bomb1Over at the Human Legion website today, I’ve finished off my personal journey through the world of railgun recoil, using an old-school bomb, and a game of billiards, and a little help from my dad!

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