Part 6 & 7 – screenshots and diagrams

Figure 60: Show/hide

Figure 61: Document naughties!

Figure 62: Font warnings in Createspace Interior Reviewer

Figure 63: Widow/ Orphan control

Figure 64: Using styles to drive the automatic table of contents

Figure 64b: Example table of contents

Figure 65: Using cross-references to reference page numbers

Figure 66: Drop Caps

Figure 67: Drop Cap + Small Caps

Figure 68: Setting Small Caps in Word

Figure 69: Using images as drop caps

Figure 70: Accessing OpenType features

Figure 71: Advanced OpenType features in practice

Figure 72: Explore your fonts in Windows XP

Figure 73: Explore your fonts in Windows 8

Figure 74: Sinking Ship

Figure 75: Sank Ship

Figure 76: Mapping fonts to Mac and Windows

Figure 77: Adobe Caslon Pro font in Windows

Figure 78: Fonts by the bucketload with Adobe Opticals

Figure 79: Gutters and Margins

Figure 80: Converting Colors in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Figure 81: ‘Zombie Snax’ Creating artwork inside Word 2013

Figure 81b: The ‘Zombie Snax’ wordart

Figure 82: Advanced Shape Editing

Figure 83: Published example of Wordart

Figure 84: Text Effects (styles)

Figure 85: Text Effects (direct formatting) [same as fig 70]

Figure 86: Text Effects directly from the Word 2013 Ribbon


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