The British-isms are coming…

In response to an earlier BBC article on British idiom invading America, I was intrigued by this follow-up of Britishisms reported by American readers. Gobsmacked amused me. I remember that phrase appearing from out of nowhere and sweeping England at the end of the 1980s. Or my bits of it, anyway. I was living in Birmingham at the time.

From my point of view the key learning point is to avoid any of these phrases if, like me, you’re a Brit who often writes in American English. I would like to think I recognize all these examples as Britishisms, but my editor, James, did spot a naughty use of ‘holiday’ in my last novel.


About Tim C. Taylor

Science fiction publisher and author of the bestselling Human Legion series. I live with my wife and young family in an English village. I am currently writing full time, when I'm not roped into building Lego.
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7 Responses to The British-isms are coming…

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  2. markewest says:

    As a writer, I try to make my stuff as British as possible 😉

  3. Laura Eno says:

    And I’m American who often finds British slang and spelling creeping into her work without intention… 🙂

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