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Writing tips: how to write robust paragraphs in Word

[In this post, I’m going to address a topic that some of you might consider pretty basic: how to write a paragraph using Microsoft Word. It certainly is fundamental but I would say around 15% of the manuscripts I receive … Continue reading

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Kindle support for Unicode pt2: how to use Unicode

Last time I posted about how Kindles can support Unicode, despite rumors to the contrary. This time I’m going to give some practical advice on what Unicode is, and how if you are self-publishing eBooks you can use it in … Continue reading

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Kindle support for Unicode pt1: dispelling a myth

I seem to be working through a mountain of jobs to format and edit eBooks and paperbacks at the moment. It’s gratifying that people trust me with their precious writing, but because I work with so many books, I get … Continue reading

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A nice problem to have

One of the things I do to feed my family is produce books for other authors and publishers. It doesn’t pay a lot and it take up a lot of time, but I love to be a part of the … Continue reading

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Parenting by Kindle, Mr Stink, and the curse of editing

Parenting by Kindle & and the curse of editing Part 1 Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Here’s a parenting anecdote from last night that shows how my family’s lives have changed over the last year, thanks to Mr. Bezos and … Continue reading

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10 review copies of Stephen Baxter’s new eBook to give away

Science fiction (and alternate history) author, Stephen Baxter, has a flurry of book releases at the moment: The Science of Avatar, The Long Earth (in collaboration with Terry Pratchet) and the Doctor Who book, The Wheel of Ice (a Patrick Troughton-era … Continue reading

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How you can read my novel for free with Read! Review! Repeat!

Over at Greyhart Press, there’s a promotion called Read! Review! Repeat! Basically, if you’re one of the first 100 people to  post a review of a Greyhart Press book on Amazon, Goodreads or similar, you  can claim your next Greyhart … Continue reading

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eReading in the Age of Austerity on GetFreeEBooks.com

I’ve guest posted on the GetFreeEbooks.com site. We’re living in the Age of Austerity now; what does that mean for reading habits?  

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No More than Human is a Recommended Read

My short story, No More than Human, is featured on the GoodKindles site Must be something to do with the new cover. Thanks for recommending me, GoodKindles.  

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Guest Post: Laura Yirak on Scottish vampires & Scooby-Doo

Today I’ve a transatlantic interview with Laura Yirak, who comes originally from Scotland. I’m having to type this one-handed due to an injury, so I’ll get straight into the questions without waffle (do I hear a hooray?) Laura, thanks for agreeing to … Continue reading

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