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Writing tips: how to write robust paragraphs in Word

[In this post, I’m going to address a topic that some of you might consider pretty basic: how to write a paragraph using Microsoft Word. It certainly is fundamental but I would say around 15% of the manuscripts I receive … Continue reading

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My books are up for awards…

The British Fantasy Society recently announced the shortlist for its annual awards, and two of my books are up for awards… … except you won’t see my name on the list because I didn’t write those books; I didn’t even … Continue reading

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eReading in the Age of Austerity on GetFreeEBooks.com

I’ve guest posted on the GetFreeEbooks.com site. We’re living in the Age of Austerity now; what does that mean for reading habits?  

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No More than Human is a Recommended Read

My short story, No More than Human, is featured on the GoodKindles site┬áMust be something to do with the new cover. Thanks for recommending me, GoodKindles.  

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My artwork and Andy Bigwood’s

I’ve been interviewed by author Cheryl Shireman for her site. I mention, amongst other things, the story behind Andy Bigwood’s artwork for Last Man Through the Gate (which is now used in the banner for my blog). Andy’s currently working … Continue reading

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Guest post: Mike Cooley defends self-publishers

Passion in a author is an essential ingredient in the mix that leads to great fiction. My guest blogger Mike Cooley has passion. Read for yourself… I am primarily a fiction writer, but from time to time something pisses me … Continue reading

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I’m interviewed by Robyn Porter

In which I talk about Last Man Through the Gate, my approach to writing, and the big scary ideas that lurk in the background, connecting much of my fiction. And Lego. You can see the interview here.

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Why we’re going to be reading more novellas

I am falling in love with novellas. It’s that Kindle thing again, making them much more commercially feasible. There’s an excellent article on this, written by a eminent gentleman (well, me actually) here.

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Would you believe it? I’m number #1

When I first began to be published through online retailers, I had a brief addiction to checking sales figures and chart rankings. I soon gave that up as I’m too busy doing more important things, such as writing. Earlier in … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Making Things

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about where my life’s headed. It’s given me a bit of a slaps-palm-on-forehead moment, which I’ve decided to share with you. Three things got me thinking: Our friends rented us a beautiful holiday cottage … Continue reading

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