Shoes, Ships & Cadavers: Tales of North Londonshire (anthology)

“I read this in a single sitting, something that I can’t remember managing with an anthology for a considerable while. I don’t expect to read a book this year that is more personally satisfying or a greater cause for optimism. Passionately recommended.” – Alan Moore

This was a buzz, the first print anthology that carried one of my stories (released 2010). This was a novelette called I won the Earth Evacuation Lottery. It was a pretty ambitious idea. What if you were one of the tiny minority of men who won a ticket to leave the doomed Earth… and you had to choose who would go with you to populate a new planet?

Sounds like the quintessential male fantasy, except nothing is quite what it seems and it doesn’t end well. The story was nominated for the BSFA Award, which was pretty good. Didn’t actually get short-listed, mind you, but nomination was nice.

This was also my first go at editing; I edited the story from Ian Whates. Possibly Ian Watson edited it too.

Myself at book signing with Alan Moore

All the authors signed the hardback, as did Alan Moore who wrote an extensive introduction. Other authors include Sarah Pinborough, Ian Watson, and Ian Whates.

You can get it in hardback and paperback from UK retailers, including Amazon and the publishers directly.

As for eBooks, there is an epub version available from the publisher but nothing at present on the Kindle Store.


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