Last Man Through the Gate (novella)

Last Man Through the Gate has now been published by Greyhart Press as an eBook. See the dedicated Greyhart Press page for more information and updates.

If you want to read a free copy, in return for a review, then mail or tweet me (or or tweet @GreyhartPress)

Codrin has money, even status. A professor, no less. Not bad considering he’s only a Shreb. Until one day he loses it all, and has no choice but to gamble his family’s fate on a one-way ticket across the Gate. On the far side, on another world, he’ll build a new life.

Except there is something wrong with the Gate…

Steampunk collides with time-travel to inspire this story of isolation, hope, and revelation.

Cover art by BSFA award winner, Andy Bigwood.



“Like some hybrid of Van Vogt and Charles Harness, Tim C. Taylor surprises us with worlds at strange angles to ours, and to each other, in a delicious piece of writing which ramps up excitingly through time distortions, grief, conflict, and peril, to paradoxical revelation. An excellent and provocative read.” — Ian Watson on Last Man Through the Gate


One Response to Last Man Through the Gate (novella)

  1. Mark West says:

    Nice one Tim – get it up on Goodreads and I’ll post my review of it (written after the critique).

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