Future Speculation (short story)

Future Speculation or “The Greatest Stock Market Crash of All Time”

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Joel thought briefly about turning and letting off a snapshot but then his feet found the factory floor and he needed to move. Fast. But where to? He leaped onto the conveyer belt, bouncing awkwardly off a robot arm as it disassembled a finished device back into its component parts…

Joel is a gun-for-hire, professionally disinterested in politics or business affairs. His paymasters are a different matter, and he finds himself in a fight to the death over the fate of the greatest stock market bubble of all.

I wrote Future Speculation to be fast and fun. I had just read The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester and wanted to try an opening that screams out of the starting blocks almost as much as Bester’s book

“…you could become hooked on this style and author.” — Amazon review comment


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