News and current projects

Thanks for the interest. Here are some of the things I’ve got planned. If you ever want to know more, email me on tim@timctaylor (dot> com , or @ or follow me on Twitter: @TimCTaylor

Coming fall 2011: Last Man Through the Gate

Rather unexpectedly my next release is likely to be my first novella: Last Man Through the Gate. Everything else I’ve written has had some target in mind but this was just for fun — well, mostly. The story grew out of world-building notes I was writing for my multi-volume steampunk fantasy: Stain Blossoms. There was a bit where… well, I’d better not tell you what happens but there are crucial links that bind the multi-dimensional worlds of Stain Blossoms and I wasn’t clear enough on one aspect. So I fictionalised a sketch of  someone experiencing worlds broken asunder. Just notes, mind, to make the research more vivid. But the story was so compelling that I just had to write it.
With an uncompromising series of  twists and revelations, I thought at first that this would be too much for readers to enjoy and too long to sell. When I presented the piece at the Northampton Science Fiction Writers’ Group, I was surprised at how positively the piece was received. Ian Watson was especially impressed, comparing me favourably to AE Van Vogt, as the blistering pace of the first draft reminded him of Van’s advice to put in something to change the narrative every 800 words.
Everyone except Ian Watson found the pace too breathlessly fast, so I heeded their advice and doubled the word count while adding several new twists, working with an editor to keep me on the straight and narrow. The result will be coming soon.
I had intended to put this on the shelf, perhaps submit to Pendragon Press, but I had a hole in the fall launch of the Greyhart Press novella line-up, and Andy Bigwood offered me some artwork that fitted the story uncannily well.
So, here it comes…

Coming Spring 2012: My Future in the Past: (2 short time-travel novels)

The pilgrims’ progress to this world from that which is to come. Was planning to send this to Solaris but has got too big for a single book. However this draft is much better. So maybe put out as e-books.

Starting summer 2012? Soldier-Slaves of the White Knights (4 book series: military SF)

 Based on my story in the anthology Further Conflicts. Sketched out but not written any yet. I’d love to get started as I’m really excited.

Stain Blossoms (4 book series: steampunk fantasy-SF)

Almost rewritten book 1. Book 2 needs some more rework. Books 3 & 4 still extended notes. Will tidy and put on shelf.

Greyhart Press

We’ve got a range of 99p novellas coming out probably in October (not sure how I’ll price for the US). Mine will be one. I had hoped to leave off publishing anything of mine until 2012 but I hadn’t got any SF novellas for the range.

Then in November/December we have our first couple of novels. One’s a chilling horror and the other is kind of Red Dwarf meets the space vampires!

We’re not letting you off the short stories and novelettes. There’s at least one more to come, from a fantasic new author called Emma Coleman who has a style all of her own.

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