News and current projects

Here’s what I’m up to as of June 2017.

June 24th I’ll be appearing at Lavecon, where I’ll be taking a break from playing games to speak on a panel about genre communities. I did a Dataslate podcast as part of the Lavecon run-up. Should be out soon.

SECONDSTRIKE_withoutbleed_275px_lo Battle_of_Earth_275px

Second Strike, the latest Revenge Squad novel is due back from the editor. Should be out next month.

I’m a good way through writing The Battle of Earth, the final Human Legion novel. Vincent Sammy did the artwork for both novels. He’s a cool guy and very talented.

I’m only publishing one author at the moment: JR Handley with his Legion spinoff, The Sleeping Legion. The fourth book in that series is well underway and we’re discussing what we’ll do next.

I’ve been asked to contribute stories to two high-profile anthologies, which I wrote last month. Better not tell you what they are just in case the editors turn them down.

I’ll be blogging about writing much more on this site. I’m putting together a series called ‘Rebirth of the Midlist’. Should annoy some people, I expect!

Finally, I have recently taken mugshots here.

The most reliable ways to contact me are on Twitter @thehumanlegion  or on Facebook here: and the best way to keep track of what I’m up to with book releases is by joining the Legionaries mailing list.




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