My Biography

When I was a boy, growing up in 70s Britain, I was infected by Blakes’ 7, 2000AD, Traveller RPG, and Doctor Who. After 20 years spent trying to live a regular life working in the software industry, where I met my wife and did normal stuff, I finally succumbed to science fiction-itis in 2011, and now earn my living writing science fiction novels.

I’ve also very proud to have published other authors through imprints: Greyhart Press, The Repository of Imagination, and Human Legion Publications.

Last time I counted (early 2017) I’d sold just shy of 175,000 books since 2011.

My most famous books are the Human Legion series of military science fiction/ space opera novels. If you click or tap on the image, you can join the Legion and get free books. Or you can find out more at


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