10 review copies of Stephen Baxter’s new eBook to give away

Science fiction (and alternate history) author, Stephen Baxter, has a flurry of book releases at the moment: The Science of Avatar, The Long Earth (in collaboration with Terry Pratchet) and the Doctor Who book, The Wheel of Ice (a Patrick Troughton-era book, for all you Whovians)…

… and Last and First Contacts, a new collection of Stephen Baxter’s short stories, which was published April 26th. I have ten review copies of the eBook edition to give away. If you want to enter, you have until Sunday 27th May to leave a comment on this post, saying whether you would like Kindle format, ePub format, or PDF. Winners to be announced on Monday, May 28th. If you win and read a copy, we’d appreciate you telling the world what you thought by posting a few words in a review on Amazon, thanks.

Last and First Contacts on amazon.com  | amazon.co.uk

As I write this, there are no Amazon reviews for Stephen’s book, but there are plenty on Librarything here. So you might want to check them out if you’re wondering whether the book is worth a read. I particularly liked this Librarything review comment, because it sums up why I’ve enjoyed Baxter’s short fiction ever since I picked up his earlier collection: Vacuum Diagrams.

“I thought his novels are very good, so his short fiction should be good too. To my surprise his short fiction is actually BETTER. Somehow he infuses these shorter works with a sense of the hugeness of time and space.”

Last and First Contacts  has been published by NewCon Press, as a signed limited edition hardback in the UK, and worldwide as a Kindle eBook.

NewCon Press is a small publisher specialising in signed limited edition, collections and anthologies, although they publish other books too. A problem with signed anthologies is that for each of the dozen or more authors, you need to get them in the same geographical location as a pen and a few hundred signing sheets. Logistics and cost mean that the NewCon authors tend to be UK-based (though not always, Lauren Beukes is based in S. Africa, for example). The print editions are only available in the UK, unless you like paying postage. So NewCon aren’t well known outside of the UK, and why you might not have heard of this book, even if you are a Stephen Baxter fan.

Find other NewCon Press eBooks on amazon.com  | amazon.co.uk | B&N Nook | Kobo  | Sony  | iTunes  featuring top authors, including:  Tanith Lee, Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, Liz Williams, Ian Watson, and many others.

Why I’m hosting this review copy giveaway

Before I freelanced for NewCon, they published me in this anthology

This came about because last night I told Ian Whates (who runs NewCon Press) that he ought to use social media a bit more to let people know about NewCon books. Ian agreed, but said he hasn’t time to get involved with such things as Twitter. Somehow my suggestion morphed until it became my task to host this review copy giveaway, which I am very happy to do. My connection is that I do some freelance eBook design work for NewCon. In fact, I  built Last and First Contacts. If you’re wondering whether this is some dodgy pirate scam, you could Look Inside the Kindle editions of the book on Amazon; you will see my name credited as the eBook designer.

Last and First Contacts on amazon.com  | amazon.co.uk

Good luck!

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at humanlegion.com
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10 Responses to 10 review copies of Stephen Baxter’s new eBook to give away

  1. James Kelker says:

    I’d love to! Sound’s interesting, and a good followup to my current work…haha.

    • James Kelker says:

      *Sounds… so embarrassed. lol

      • timctaylor says:

        Good choice. In many ways, I don’t write like Stephen Baxter. But we share the intoxication of the big idea running in the background and the big scale. In that sense, I think my fiction is more like Stephen Baxter’s than any other author.

  2. jovid52 says:

    Sounds interesting! Would love an ePub copy!

  3. timctaylor says:

    Great to meet up with all you other Stephen Baxter fans. In a few weeks, my barrel of Taylor’s IPA will be fully mature. As well as sharing with friends, I shall sit in my rocking chair and re-read a previous (and Xeelee) Baxter collection: Resplendent. My favourite book, in fact. If you haven’t come across it, Strange Horizons did a decent review of it here: http://www.strangehorizons.com/reviews/2007/01/resplendent_by_.shtml

  4. Mike Loucks says:

    Baxter’s stuff is great. I think my favorite of his is “Voyage”. I’d love to have the kindle version of his new stuff.

  5. A.B.R. says:

    I have read a couple of Stephen Baxter’s novels, but none of his short fiction. I’d like to.

  6. I read large amounts of SF and Fantasy, Steven Baxter is right up there with the best. He leaves the reader with more to ponder on even after finishing the story. I would love to see this new work and cannot wait for the colaboration with Terry Pratchett “The Long Earth”.

  7. astronomer72 says:

    I’m a huge fan of Stephen Baxter’s hard SF work. His short stories are thought provoking and far reaching and I definitely would like to have this new work on Kindle.

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