Presidential Candidates or Twenty-one Stooges: guest post by Kennesaw Taylor

Kennesaw Taylor

Kennesaw Taylor

I’m delighted to host Kennesaw Taylor today (no relation, least that I’m aware of)  who writes humor columns online and for several Georgia papers.  Basically, he makes fun of anyone and or their mothers, if they aren’t fast enough to get out of the way.

Here Kennesaw gives a sober, respectful, and thorough analysis of potential candidates in the US Presidential Election.

The Twenty-One Stooges


Bill Clinton

Sorry, not this time.

Do I really want to start the day making fun of other Americans? You bet your sweet, southern, rear end, I do. I’m just poking fun, but at least its bi-partisan poking and no that does not mean Bill Clinton is running again. The idea that buying for next Christmas starts before the turkey and ham are gone is enough to make you sick. The idea that the next election cycle begins before the last one is over, is worse. It has taken less than three years to narrow it down from 313 million Americans to twenty-one.

Well that’s not completely accurate, there are twenty-one viable or not so viable candidates, it’s according to how you look at it. A least five are average Americans who have taken it upon themselves to save our country, they have a snowballs chance. The worst part, they will be beaten by several write in candidates which appear, every cycle.

The most successful write in, to date, Mickey Mouse? Not bad for an eighty year old rodent whose inappropriate behavior is well documented. The only write in to ever beat Mickey, Hillary Clinton? In the 2008 election she and the fifteen different ways her name was misspelled, beat him for the first time in history. Got to love us Americans, we ignore the possible Americans who might actually represent, we the people and vote for cartoon characters.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln continue to get votes. If you turned the TV on during their address the nation you’d need to check the guide to make sure you weren’t watching, Tales from the Crypt reruns. “Hehehehehehe, I dig what you’ve done with the capital, love those cherry trees. I did not have axual relations with that tree.” What could a guy who has had all his organs, including his brain removed, get done? It appears to me, we’ll find out.

Ted Nugent

Vote Nugent!

So once we get done laughing at the fifteen Americans who have less chance of being president than Chuck Norris or seventies, rocker Ted Nugent, we must turn our attention to those few who actually have the money to buy the presidency, Oh, sorry I misspoke, I meant get elected. Wait, before I go on let’s not dismiss the real possibility of Ted becoming president. Teds platform, kill it, cook it, stuff it and hang it on the wall. If he’d have been president, Saddam and Bin Laden would have been smiling down from the walls of his Michigan ranch in the late eighties, eliminating the need for our boys to leave the country at all.

Alright back to the true contenders. We are faced with the following choices, Barack, Mitt, Newt or Ron. My grandfather always told me, to never trust a man with two first names. Ron has three. Ronald Ernest Paul, what happened here, is he trying to hide something, for the love of Pete, get a last name? Ron would you like to buy a vowel or perhaps a last name? I’d like Ronald Ernest Pauline Jones, it has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

I am continually mortified that Newton Leroy Gingrich is from Georgia, every time someone points it out, I cringe, imagine my relief to discover he is actually from Pennsylvania; I was relieved, but not surprised. Who would name an innocent child Newton Leroy? What long lasting, troubling effects could pop up later? I mean, the only thing that would be worse is to shorten it to Newt, dog gone it, too late. Will we end up in world war three because someone calls him Leroy?

Now to Willard, who would name their child Willard Mitt or the bigger question, once it was done, why would they call him Mitt? All these guys were picked on as children; I guarantee it, leaving them with only two options, one going into law enforcement or two politics. How can a man who has made 42 million in the last two years have any connection with a man who falls short a hundred bucks, a month on his bills? Or a single mother who that same hundred bucks causes to pay ninety bucks in late fees which compounds her problems monthly? He’s concerned with compound interest while most Americans are more concerned with compound poverty.

President Obama

The funniest candidate?

I refuse to get started on our current president who has the funniest name of all, but if the name fits? I’m not saying these guys won’t make good presidents and in fact, I’m just horsing around. I try to get serious every election cycle and it usually lasts about ten minutes. Then I laugh, giggle, snort, burp, poot and blow whatever I’m drinking through my nose as I write stuff like this. We as Americans have learned two things, it’s better to laugh than cry and it’s easier to smile than ask why.

About Kennesaw Taylor

Kennesaw is an advocate against child abuse and his first book, Informally Educated, was about his childhood or the lack thereof. He spends much of his time speaking and trying to make some small difference in the outrageous amounts of child abuse in our country.

He also writes a humor column in several Georgia papers, where he basically makes fun of anyone and or their mothers, if they aren’t fast enough to get out of the way.  As Kennesaw puts it: ‘I write stupid shit for a living, it ain’t bad work when you can get it. Never underestimate how hard it is to be stupid and come up with stupid shit on a regular basis.’

Kenessaw’s been compared to Lewis Grizzard, which he’s  happy about. He’s had two books published which contain my columns from 2009, I’m Ugly and Broke and 2010, I’ve Got the South in my Mouth. His 2011 columns are due out soon; it’s named, I’ve Fallen and My Names Not Chuck.


About Tim C. Taylor

Science fiction publisher and author of the bestselling Human Legion series. I live with my wife and young family in an English village. I am currently writing full time, when I'm not roped into building Lego.
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2 Responses to Presidential Candidates or Twenty-one Stooges: guest post by Kennesaw Taylor

  1. kennesaw says:

    Wow great job Tim and thanks. I’d vote for Ted too.

  2. timctaylor says:

    Ted Nugent… 70s rocker? Pah! I saw him open up the Monsters of Rock festival here in the UK only a few years ago. I’d vote for Ted. Not so much the hunting thing but because it would spark a renaissance for hats and beards. None of the current presidential hopefuls have credible platform on hats and beards.

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