Guest interview: Kristy Carey

Today I’ve got novelist Kristy Carey to answer a few questions about her forthcoming novel.

Can you tell us something about your novel, The Quintessence of Time?
The story is about a young man who chases a former friend across time, trying to stop him from altering the time line.  At each stop, he has to track down the man and hope he’s able to stop a murder from happening and keep himself from changing his own future.

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 It’s a catchy title. What made you choose it, and how did you choose it?

It actually took me almost a year to come up with a title for it.  I was thinking up words that might work, then making sure I knew the meaning of them, and had picked out The Paragon of Time, only to look it up and find it didn’t quite fit what I wanted.  However, the Thesaurus offered me Quintessence as another option.  Its meaning as being the Pure Essence of something fit perfectly in my mind.  I’ll admit, there is an aspect of it that might only be understandable to me, but I kind of like the idea of a secret.

 It was a Nano Novel. Can you explain what that means and how you approached the writing? Would you do another Nano novel?

A NaNo novel is one that’s written during NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  Each year during the month of November thousands of people around the world take up the challenge of writing 50,000 words, the average length of a novel, in 30 days.  My approach tends to be very… Relaxed in many ways.  I started this novel with an Idea, a name and general idea of the ending.  I would absolutely do another NaNo novel.  In fact, this year I wrote another one title The Charming Line: The Truth Behind the Fables.

What kind of research did you do for The Quintessence of Time? Did you enjoy it or necessary hard labour?

Because I changed the world’s history so much, there wasn’t a whole lot of research too do.  However, at one point I needed to be able to explain a few things in how easily they could change time, and understand physics more.  I don’t really understand it, but it seemed needed at the time.  If nothing else, I needed a little understanding.

Who are the main characters in your novel? What did you most enjoy writing about them? Did they ever start writing scenes by themselves?

There are 5 Primary Characters in the story, but I can only introduce you to 2 of them, as the other 3 are more of a surprise.

Barith is a young man in his late 20’s.  He’s the son of a servant, who was given the chance to become a skilled worker instead by his parents master.  Working with another young man, Jokiam, they build a time machine, something forbidden to even draw a design of.  Having decided that the world he lives in is wrong, Barith jumps back in time to start changing history.

Jokiam is in his early 20’s and like Barith, was given an opportunity by his parents master, to become a skilled worker. Jokiam, or Aki to friends, however has a special gift that he works to keep a secret from everyone, as people with gifts are normally jailed or simply vanish.  When Barith leaves in the machine they built, he builds his own and follows after to stop his friend and keep history from being destroyed.

More than once, the characters took the story out of my hands and did what ver they wanted.

How do you find the time to do your writing?

Well… Last year I was working and going to school, but I tend to take my laptop almost anywhere I go, so I spent a lot of time on the lappy while at work.  Otherwise, I tried to get to as many Write Ins through the local NaNo group as possible.  To be honest, I really didn’t do a lot of writing between last year’s NaNo and this years.  I am hoping to work over the next year on one of the other stories I’ve got in the works, and actually write 750-1000 words every day.

 Paper books or eBooks? Discuss…

Personally, I love both books and eBooks.  And while I’m not exactly a weak person, I know I don’t have what it takes to send out letters and try to get my book published through traditional means.  Which is why I’m going to self-publish it.

 What was the last book you enjoyed reading (and didn’t write)?

Over the last few years, my family has been under a lot of stress and I’ve been unable to really sit down and read a book.  The last one I read, all the way through, was The Magician by Michael S. Scott.  Book 3 in a series.  However, I did just relisten to some David Eddings books, The Belgariad.

 The Quintessence of Time — when can we get to read it?

I hope it’ll be Summer 2012.

Thanks for talking about your writing, Kristy. Your book has many parallels with the novel I’m finishing off at the moment (The Reality War). Or, by the sounds of it, perhaps they actually the same book but written in alternate timelines??


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  2. e6n1 says:

    Great interview. Looking forward to the book.

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