Guest Post: Laura Yirak on Scottish vampires & Scooby-Doo

Today I’ve a transatlantic interview with Laura Yirak, who comes originally from Scotland.

I’m having to type this one-handed due to an injury, so I’ll get straight into the questions without waffle (do I hear a hooray?)

Laura, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Your novel Delivered To Eternity features Alesta the Vampire; what made you choose a vampire for a main character?

To put it simply — I love vampires!  I think they’re HOT!  LOL.  Alesta, she’s one of a kind!

Hot, eh? The first vampire film I ever saw was Nosferatu (1922), full-on scary and no messing. Since then, vamps went cool with Interview with a Vampire, and then went hot teenage romance with Buffy & Angel, and their hellspawn. In this huge universe of different types of vampire, where does Alesta fit in?

Alesta — the name means, ‘Savior of Mankind.’  She is a traditional vampire in the sense of a vampire and does not sparkle or go out at daytime.  I wanted to bring her back to her roots, but she is human-friendly.  She did not pick her vamp life and is almost in denial about it.  She struggles with this through the storyline.

The cover blurb for Delivered To Eternity mentions humour. Is this laugh-out-loud comedy or more dark irony? Talking of humour, what makes you laugh?

The humor is all Scottish, maybe a little dark and dry and times.  I mix it up. 

What makes me laugh?  My father — everything he says.  I don’t know where he comes up with most of it!

Ever since Greene King (an English regional brewer/ pub-operator) bought Belhaven Brewery, I can often get a pint of genuine Scottish ‘heavy’ in my pub, despite living in sassenach England. Other than to feed, where does Alesta go for a drink, and what is her favourite tipple?

Alesta owns Mc Kenzie Manor House.  She drinks there, but what?  I won’t spoil that 😉 Her favorite though, is anything RED—

 I’m sure you mean red wine, a fine choice J Talking of Scotland, I recently watched the animated film, Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster. My son loved it, but I worry that it’s only cemented the idea that Scotland consists of kilts, Nessie, highland games, and bagpipes. If it wasn’t a children’s film it would have mentioned whisky too (but never whiskey!). How many of these classic Scottish conventions does Delivered To Eternity employ? Is there something authentically Scottish in your novel that might surprise readers educated by Scooby-Doo?

 HAHA —My children just watched that as well and yes I do employ kilts, but to make my story more authentic than that, my characters all have a Scottish brogue, drink tea most of the day and I have set the scene to make one feel as though they are really there.  It’s all in the details.  My Scottish readers have been very pleased as far as they have told me.

 You were a poet before you were a published novelist. Do you think your experience in crafting poetry influenced the way you wrote Delivered To Eternity? How about the other way around? Will your experience in writing the novel influence your poetry?

 Crafting poetry is a little more intense for me as far as writing goes.  D2E came out in a simple flow of words, but my poetry is more dramatic, passionate and dark.  I bounce back and forth between the two and use them as my breaks from the other.

 The two are very separate for me.  My neurons fire differently.  I do have a poetry book coming out next year, titled — The Melancholic.  I have posted a sample on my blog 🙂 

 Are there more Alesta stories to be told? What is your next project?

 I have requests coming in to write the sequel to D2E and I will at some point.  My next big book due out is a psycho-thriller set on the Washington coast and I have another children’s book due out in December or January.  It is being illustrated now.

 Thank you Tim for the great questions!

 Thanks, Laura, for answering them.

Laura Yirak

Learn more about Laura at her website.

Delivered to Eternity is available from |

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