Further Conflicts from NewCon Press now available for the Kindle

Further Conflicts went up on the UK and US Kindle Store yesterday, the first NewCon Press title to do so. You can try the beta Kindle Webviewer to read a sample.

Hot author of the moment is Lauren Beukes who has just won the Arthur C Clarke literary award for her novel Zoo City. Her latest story is Unaccounted, which appears in Further Conflicts. There are a host of other top, award-winning authors such as Eric Brown and Dan Abnett, famed for his Warhammer 40k novels amongst many others. In fact, all the authors are published novelists with multiple books under their belt. All except me and fellow Northampton SF Writer’s Group member Dr. Steve Longworth (and he’s just been  published in an anthology alongside Neil Gaiman and Stephen Baxter – how cool is that!)

I’ve read some e-books recently that were badly let down by formatting. Further Conflicts formatting was hand-checked for Kindle3, Kindle DX, iPad, iPhone and is fully compliant with the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines. So you can for example skip between stories with a single click on your Kindle device. You can also jump out to author notes and then jump back to where you left off in the anthology. I know for a fact that this was checked because I did the e-book conversion myself!

It might take a while to work through the retailer back end systems but expect this ebook to appear pretty much everywhere within a few weeks: Apple iBookstore, B&N, Diesel, Sony Reader Store, Kobo Bookstore and Android app stores.

More NewCon Press titles will follow. The Gift of Joy will be up imminently and others are planned.


Update, May 20th. I’ve tried to create a cool banner ad for Further Conflicts. Unfortunately I can’t display it properly in the WordPress theme I used for my blog. If you click on the banner image you can see it animate in its proper dimensions.


About Tim C. Taylor

Science fiction publisher and author of the bestselling Human Legion series. I live with my wife and young family in an English village. I am currently writing full time, when I'm not roped into building Lego.
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