Progress at Greyhart Press

I’ve been very busy readying everything for the official launch, which will be straight after Easter. Part of what I’m doing in advance is to try out some of the mechanics of publishing on the semi-quiet, so that I can make and correct mistakes before letting out the throttle.

I started out with publishing a few stories from myself. However, proud though I am of my stories, Greyhart Press is an indie publisher, not a self-publisher. So I am chuffed that today I published someone else for the first time: Paul Melhuish. So I guess you can say that this morning I was an author, and this afternoon an author and a publisher. Now that I live in a constant state of self-promotion, I had better change my email signature.

In fact, I have been doing more publishery-type work recently. More on that story later… 

Back to Paul, if everything comes right in time, Paul will be joined by another four authors before the end of May.

Click on the link to see the page for Paul’s excellent and ghoulish story: Necroforms.

Did I mention links? Here’s an article-cum-interview for my story Speak, Vaccine! Speak! on Indie eBooks. In it I go into some of the philosophy behind Greyhart Press.


About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 19 published novels as of August 2020. His latest book is 'One Minute to Midnight', published by Seventh Seal Press. Find out more at
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